Monday, March 12, 2007

I Chain
We went to the new I Ching restaurant in Shelbyville Road Plaza over the weekend. Think Asian Qdoba. It's very similar to the Yang Kee Noodle joint at Oxmoor, but somehow manages to be a little more soulless. It violates several of my dining rules, most notably Never Buy Asian Food From Blondes. And, alas, it's a chain. It's also one of those fast food joints that trick you into paying full service prices – $8-$9 per dish – even though you have to go to a register to order. That said, it was actually pretty good. Also, the portions are huge, so you could negate that price problem by buying one meal and splitting it or saving the leftovers. Unless you are trying to erase the memory of child abuse by overeating, in which case, too bad, nine dollars. I had the shrimp and calamari which was quite crispy and yummy and served over rice with a decent sweet/savory sauce. Mary had the drunken noodles, which were a Pad-Thai knockoff, and quite excellent for fast food in a non-Thai restaurant. You'd be much better off going to any number of authentic Asian restaurants in Louisville, especially Vietnam Kitchen, Thai Smile, or the excellent Oriental House that's within walking distance of I Ching (not that anybody actually walks on Shelbyville Road and still has an appetite, but you know what I mean), but we got full up and nobody puked. If you're afraid of people who don't look like you and you'd prefer that all your fellow diners wear clothes from the Gap, but you still want to try that lo mein stuff your college roommate always ate, I Ching is your place.

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