Friday, March 30, 2007

Sawdust as fuel?
Here's an intriguing little idea buried in Jim Adams' article in today's CJ about yesterday's energy conference in Louisville: "In the past 10 years, Kentucky has lost two furniture factories because of problems disposing of sawdust, which she [environmental engineer and activist Sara Lynn Cunningham] said has an energy value approaching that of coal. She asked why sawdust wasn't used as fuel. No one on the panel had a direct answer."

Sawdust has an energy value approaching that of coal? No way! Um, way. Turns out it also burns much cleaner, produces less ash, and burns in coal-burning equipment. Amazing. Colorado Springs is even using sawdust to help fuel an energy plant, where it keeps James Dobson's hateful, Satanic little arse warm.

I don't know Sara Lynn Cunningham, but I've long admired her environmental activism. Google her name and you'll pretty much end up with a list of how to live. But here's what convinced me she's a hero: I once read that she reuses sandwich baggies until they fall apart. My Mammaw would probably vote for her for president. And so would I.

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