Friday, March 23, 2007

Tomorrow's CJ corrections today

Because of an error at the printing press, yesterday's Sports section ran on page A1.

Because of a transmission error at Gannett News Service, the clause "Thanks to the horrendous state of American movie making..." was omitted from the beginning of the sentence "…Adam Sandler is Oscar-worthy in 'Reign Over Me'" in a movie review in the Friday Extra section.

Because of a reporter's error in a story about downtown Louisville's Iron Quarter development, Mayor Jerry Abramson called developer Todd Blue a "visionary" instead of a "blood-sucking opportunist."

Because of a reporter's error in a story about the University of Kentucky's next basketball coach, UK fan Tommy Bob Grimes said, "I don't care who the next coach is, so long as he is clean and articulate. In fact, Mr. Grimes' actual words were, … long as he ain't clean and articulate."

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