Friday, April 20, 2007

Limbo: how low can you go?
This just seems like it's fraught with all kinds of logistics problems:

Catholic Church buries limbo after centuries

If Plato and Socrates and all those pre-Jesus "virtuous pagans" - plus all those babies - get out of limbo at once, won't there be a terrible crush at the gates of heaven, sorta like that Who concert in Cincinnati? They will probably have to issue tickets, so the heathens can proceed to heaven in an orderly fashion. And if limbo is an "unduly restrictive view of salvation," what other unduly restrictive views of salvation can Catholics look forward to being overturned in the future? Contraception? Voting for John Kerry? Pre-marital sex? Homosexuality? Coveting thy neighbor's wife on the Sabbath? According to Slate, heaven has never been that hard a country club to get into:

Saintly Bad Behavior

Sounds like it's party time, people! And just in time for Derby!

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