Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rocket's red(neck) glare
Every once in awhile, a front-page story comes along that reminds you Where. You. Live. You live in a state where people like to blast five-foot rockets into the sky. Out by the airport. Where passenger jets fly. All with the approval of the local FAA official (below, left).

OFGS wonders what future headlines could top "Rockets launched in Lexington flight path"…

Top Ten Future Kentucky Safety Headlines

10. Potato cannons take aim at daycare playground
9. Kite contest held at LG&E substation
8. Sausage necklaces approved for babies at dog parks
7. Jarts match slated for blind school
6. Game Boy retrofitted with real bullets
5. Rifle range, balloon glow to merge
4. McDonald's opens restaurant in children's hospital (Oh, wait. That one already happened.)
3. Program to provide kindergarteners with free Bic lighters, Luckies
2. Hasbro, KFC announce new chicken-flavored marbles
1. New Ford Explorer to include optional wet bar, meth lab

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