Thursday, June 07, 2007

From this week's City Strobe:

Tricky Mitch gets a billboard
When an obviously sarcastic I-65 billboard appeared last week co-starring Mitch McConnell and a lightbulb, curious commuters wondered what it was all about. Was the lightbulb meant to symbolize Mitch's utter lack of ideas except those that parrot Bush Administration policies? Or was the incandescent bulb meant to illustrate his scorn for the environment in the era of compact fluorescents? Or maybe it was a transparency-in-government group trying to shame the senator out of his career-long efforts to keep campaign financing shady. Ding! It's that one.

The billboard – and its accompanying are part of a campaign by ethics watchdog Sunlight Foundation to stop McConnell and another secret senator from derailing the Senate Campaign Disparity Act. That act would bring senators into the 1990s by requiring them to file campaign finance reports electronically, instead of the carrier-pigeon method they use now. Filing electronically would not only increase transparency, it would save money.

Senators who support the bill say McConnell isn't trying to stop the measure, but is using a parliamentary trick to avoid unanimous consent, thereby opening an avenue to attach "poison pill" changes to other aspects of campaign finance law. The cleverly capitalist campaign winks at McConnell's longtime money-equals-free-speech stance by bribing citizens to capture him on video explaining himself. Be the first to submit such a video and you could win $500. Seems like an easy way for the money-grubbing McConnell to pick up a quick $500. We'll be glad to loan him a tripod.


Baby Pop said...

Your site came through my Mitchy-alert, and I recognized your name from a mutual friend (EEK), so I thought I'd be shameless and promote DM*KY. Hope that's okay! Haven't seen the billboard yet - that's wonderful!

Jim said...

Totally OK! I thank you and salute you in all your Mitch Ditching endeavors.