Thursday, July 05, 2007

From this week's LEO:

Groomin' Eye for the NASCAR guy
Face it men: You've always wanted to shave a "3" somewhere onto your body. But aesthetics are a concern. Should you shave it into your scalp, sideburns, chest, back, ass or pubes? Well, help is on the way. The Wahl Trimmers' mobile barber shop is coming to the Kentucky Speedway to offer free trims and professional advice about all your grooming needs. The "Wahl Let It Grow" tour also includes games, giveaways and a contest for Man of the Year. The contest includes categories for best beard, mustache and goatee in America, but if you think you've got some killer nose or ear hair, they won't turn you away.

Wahl Let it Grow Tour
Kentucky Speedway
Sparta, Kentucky
Free with Speedway admission; 4 p.m.

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