Wednesday, September 26, 2007

FundRace 2008
What's more fun than following the 2008 presidential race? Well, mopping the kitchen floor, cleaning the terlits, listening to your neighbor bitch about the Cards, and wondering what the new archbishop thinks about Saddle Ridge's Naughty School Girl Night among other things, but here's something that's more fun than all of them: HuffPo's FundRace 2008. This little timewaster lets you enter a name, address or zip code to find out what people you know have donated to the presidential candidates. Find out who Louisville's rich people are supporting. Find out who's donated from your zip code. Find out who's donated to more than one candidate. And once you get bored with the locals, you can even see which celebs have donated. If you live in Kentucky, the primary race is going to be over before you get a chance to vote anyway - it's what we in Merka call "democracy" -- so it's not like your vote matters. But other people's money does! So check out the giving at FundRace 2008. It's almost enough to make the race interesting.


yournamehere said...

Doesn't every night belong to the Naughty School Girls?

Jim said...

Yes. Also belonging to Naughty School Girls: Anything they want.