Friday, October 26, 2007

From this week's LEO:

Bottle effrontery
Hey, you — the hybrid-driving, fluorescent-bulb-using, Nobel-laureate-admiring, Whole-Foods-shopping environmentalist drinking from the Evian bottle. C’mere. Got a funny story for ya. Guess what’s one of the most earth-unfriendly things you can do. Yup: Drink bottled water.
The bottled water industry is reeling from a nascent backlash as restaurants, schools and whole cities ban their crispy deliciousness in favor of good old-fashioned tap water. Turns out that tap water is better regulated than bottled water (except for the 40 percent of bottled water that actually IS tap water), perfectly safe and much better for the environment.

Bottled water burns up massive amounts of fossil fuels on its way to your lips — both in manufacture and transport — and billions of the plastic bottles end up in landfills. Bottled water also undermines confidence in public water systems and wastes crucial Benjamins you could be spending on cigarettes and fried chicken. Log on to a faucet or fountain near you to say no to Big Water. And if making promises to complete strangers online keeps you honest, take the pledge at

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