Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stop, hey, what's that sound?
With so many people dying in a fool's war that 70% of the nation opposes, you may be wondering where all the protestors are. While there have been plenty of local protests, their attendance has been disproportionate to the overall dissent in the community. That's no doubt due to what everybody from George Bush's handlers to Charles Rangel to the ghost of Richard Nixon all keenly understand: An all-volunteer army = a complacent populace. A military draft = thousands in the streets. It's a far more successful strategy to bait enlistees with college money while also making sure college is expensive.

As the war's futility and bloodletting grow, though, so do the protests. And, with two major marches on Washington looming, the Louisville Peace Action Community wants you to get off your complacent butt and join the action. (Actually, being the peace lovers they are, their words were "Want to go to Washington?") The first march is this Saturday, January 27. And there's a major march on the Pentagon on March 17 to mark the 4th anniversary of the Iraq invasion and the 40th anniversary of the historic 1967 march on the Pentagon. For info on the marches as well as upcoming local protests, visit