Thursday, March 22, 2007

An inconvenient gathering of dullards
Watching Al Gore testify before the House and Senate was like watching a highly intelligent, patient educator teach a classroom of special-ed students how to tell time. You have to marvel at his restraint in not walking over and giving James Inhofe a Ritalin lollypop and a warm glass of milk and asking him to sit quietly and stop fidgeting. Watching Congress in action – on both sides of the aisle – is so disappointing. It's such a bummer to be reminded that our leaders are so brain-and-courage challenged in comparison with their counterparts in the private sector. It's a major failure of the American political system that the smartest and most innovative people in our country go for the bucks. Props to Gore for trying to save the planet. Even more props for making it through a full day in the company of the fools in Congress.

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