Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kleenex hates our planet
Somehow, in all my groovy e-newsletters I missed the scoop that there's been a Kleenex boycott going on for two years. All that snot wasted. But now I read in Laurie David's Stop Global Warming Virtual March e-newsletter that

"Kimberly-Clark, parent company to Kleenex and Scott brands, refuses to stop using virgin paper fiber from the endangered North American Boreal forests, which represent one quarter of the world's remaining intact ancient forests, vital to fighting global warming. More than 700 businesses have pledged not to use Kimberly-Clark products, and we encourage Marchers to do the same. We also encourage you to join Greenpeace in taking action, by visiting and voicing your opposition to Kimberly Clark's clear-cutting."

It's enough to make you look forward to allergy season, just so you can take your boogers elsewhere. Get the details at

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Anonymous said...

(I've been using hankies for years...)

Hi there, I came across your blog recently. I can very much relate to your 'trying to keep up with the politically correct boycott/cause'. It's exhausting these days!
If you'll excuse this minor intrusion, I'll take the opportunity to expand on that ever-growing list.
Another reason folks might want to consider their spending habits with this corporation (Kimberly-Clark) is that its principal heir is the author and sponsor of a bill to make undocumented immigrants felons. Here is an article:

Hardly anyone realizes that the minimum wage in Mexico, one of the more 'resourceful' latin american countries, is at the very best, $3..00 per day. A day's wages will no longer buy you a gallon of milk ( I was just there in April). At some point the U.S. government will have to confront the klepto-cracy of Mexico rather than its hungry exiled citizens with these inequities and conditions, The set up now works on all sorts of levels because it is allowed to, and because we are kept in the dark about the criminal atrocities committed by the mo$t powerful.

Ok, I'm off my soapbox now. please excuse the intrusion.

Keep up the good work, especially in Kentucky...