Thursday, March 22, 2007

Superficial Enough Dot Org
OK, so the latest online meat market is a site called, which is too icky to create a link to, but you can get there if you're enterprising enough. Basically, the deal is: no ugly people allowed. Because, you know, hot people don't want to date people who aren't hot, unless they're rich, in which case they should be able to buy hot.

I congratulate you hot people on your American ingenuity. But what about all those people who aren't hot but also want to date people like them? Seems like a great market niche. Possible opportunities:
SuperstitiousToThePointOfBelievingYourGodIsBetterThanEverybodyElse' (Oh, wait. That one already exists.)

Get busy, you webtrepreneurs!

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