Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Boost your immune system this Friday at The Rudyard Kipling
Buddhist monks in Japan practice laughter therapy as a way to become one with the universe and gain happiness. Here in the US, gelotologists have discovered that laughter boosts your immune system, decreases stress, relaxes tense muscles, lowers blood pressure, and increases oxygen flow to your naughty parts. (OK, I made that last one up, but it sounds plausible.) Pretty much everyone agrees: laughing is fun and good for you.

Because I care about your well being, I hope you'll join me at the InKY Reading Series at the Rudyard Kipling this Friday, May 11. This month's theme is "Revenge of the Alt-Weeklies" and features talented writers Tom Nord, Glenny Brock and, humbly, me. Singer-songwriter Nick Peay will also perform. Open mic (gregarious Irish?) performers begin at 7:00 p.m., with the featured performers beginning at 8. I think I'm safe to guarantee you will laugh in one or more of the many common varieties, ranging from delighted guffawing to embarrassed looking-away. At the very least, I promise to cuss a lot, which always seems popular. (We seasoned performers believe in sticking to the classics.) Other popular words like "sneezeguard" and "splash-o-gasm" are also on the agenda.

The whole shebangbang, including parking, is free and worth every penny. Reasonably priced alcoholic beverages, which are known to lubricate your body's laughter system and make the rest of us more attractive, are available, as are fun-to-say dinner items, such as guacamole and burgoo.

Come, won't you?

The Rud is located at 422 West Oak Street. Here's how I prefer to get there: Drive downtown, heading for that area the chamber of commerce is trying to get everyone to call "SoBro," for "South of Broadway." Don't call it that, just to be obstinate. Get momentarily lost on some one-way streets but meander toward U of L. Squint at the street signs and vow to get your eyes checked. At Oak Street, turn right. The Rud is on Oak between Fourth and Fifth. Park on the street or in one of the free lots nearby.

Please bring everyone you know to the Rud this Friday, or starry-eyed liberals will take over your country and remove "God" from you Pledge of Allegiance.

See you there!

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