Thursday, May 24, 2007

More observations of a bicycle commuter:

  • Drivers are crankier in the afternoon than they are in the morning.
  • Almost all drivers are doing something besides driving. They're talking on the phone, eating, smoking, shaving, applying makeup, texting, fiddling with the iPod, suckin on a Big Gulp.
  • Many drivers are doing two or more of those things at once, like smoking and talking on the phone.
  • Almost no drivers have passengers.
  • The exception: dogs. I'm amazed at how many people are driving around with their dogs.
  • In general, cyclists are ruder than drivers, especially the obnoxious ones in the garish costumes who think they own the road
  • Very few people on bicycles are using them for transportation. Almost all are either in it for the workout or belong in the aforementioned obnoxious ugly-clothes club.
  • Slow is better than fast. Downhill is better than uphill.
  • Sometimes it's nice to pull over and stop.
  • On a bike, you have a deeper understanding of what a nasty thing a tailpipe is.

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