Thursday, May 03, 2007

Really, Betty Baye?
I wish SNL's Seth and Amy were here for Derby so they could do their "Really?" schtick on today's Betty Baye column. I almost always agree with Baye, and in person she is a force to be reckoned with. I could listen to her talk all day. But, Betty, the Derby presents a challenge to Christians about betting? Really? And guilt will come on Sunday about gambling, Betty? Really? And, intellectual that you are, Betty, your God doesn't like you putting down $2 across the board on a longshot at the track? Really? And he's looking over your shoulder at the betting window and plotting the various ways he's going to burn you to a crisp? Really? And you're going to face eternal hellfire and do it anyway? Really? Etcetera.

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EEK! said...

If God doesn't have time to deal with naked teens in the infield and the injustice of a $10 mint julep, he sure isn't wasting much time on a little pony action.